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The history of Braun is explored in a new Phaidon book, featuring our custom typeface designed for Braun.

New release: Rolls

Actually two-in-one: Rolls is a square sans-serif featuring a strikingly contrasting italic.

Typefaces are there to be read

Lecture at the Folkwang University in Essen on the work of Georg Salden.

New release: Axiom

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our Georg Salden Library.

Type in use

Riga and Tundra used by The German Council for Sustainable Development.

New release: Videon

Videon is an experimental typeface which consists of only straight lines.

Font guide

Around 200 typefaces at a glance, including Daisy, Godfrey and Polo.

A list is a list is a list

A website of lists that shows our new typeface Essenz in action.

Type in use

The Nitsch Foundation is the official representative of Austrian avant-garde artist Hermann Nitsch.

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