A custom typeface for a German building center

Hagebau is an association of around 350 wholesalers and retailers of building materials, wood, tile and garden product ranges with more than 1,500 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Spain. In cooperation with the design agency kempertrautman, which created a new look for the communication and advertising of the building centers, we developed a corresponding corporate typeface with rounded corners in two widths. For headlines we created a special outlined version.

The green background panels with rounded corners are inspired by the perforated panels made of steel, practical for storing tools and work equipment, and seen everywhere in DIY stores. The typefaces picks up on this element and also makes use of rounded corners. This gives the typefaces a friendly and warm, handicraft look, almost comparable to printed woodblock letters.

Hagebau Condensed Regular

Hagebau Condensed Bold

Hagebau Condensed Black

Hagebau Black

Hagebau Black Outline

The font package consists of different versions. The three condensed styles are well suited for complex product descriptions, e.g. in catalogs or tables. They allow for a lot of information in a small space such as narrow text columns. The wider styles, on the other hand, create striking words and headings.

Campaign and images by knsk, Hamburg.