Custom fonts

A unique and exclusive font for your brand. One licence. One payment. Unlimited use.

The usage of an exclusive typeface in the design of a corporate or product brand is a powerful resource creating a strong and original identity. We offer original and exclusive type design, custom-made lettering and logotypes, and customisation of our existing fonts.

Brand new fonts

Unique and exclusive for branding or specific design problems.

A custom typeface creates a unique visual voice for your brand. We will design your own font from scratch and ensure the new typeface has exactly the right feel and personality for your brand. One simple license for all uses. for a detailed look at your project and how we can help create a font which suits your company the best.

Customisation of existing fonts

Affordable way to give a specific flavour to your project.

If you want to add in distinctiveness and match the personality of your brand, you can choose one of our fonts and work with us to modify any number of its characters. Once you are happy with the characters, we will finalise the font files and create your very own Corporate Licence.

Corporate License of existing fonts

Worry-free and easy. One simple license for all uses.

Simply choose a font from our library and create a Corproate License to meet your specific usage needs. Choose your own font name.

Case studies

A custom type system for a daily newspaper, consisting of serif and sans serif fonts, 30 fonts all together. The serif contains optical variants for headline and small body text, as well as a condensed version for narrow columns. Read more on our blog ...

A custom typeface for the Swedish company Lightab, based on its logotype.

A custom typeface for the Finnish watchmaker Sarpaneva, based on it’s logotype.

A custom font for a Swedish company which designs and manufactures beds, bed linen, accessories and terry towels.
The typeface is also used for its logotype.

Custom font for Rizla, French rolling paper brand, based on its logo. Commissioned by Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg.

Custom fonts for Gauloises. The sans serif is based on its logo. Commissioned by Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg.

Custom font for a German building center, consisting of three versions: Text, Condensed and Outline.

Custom version of my typeface Brenta for Finland’s second largest newspaper, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus.

For their seasonal campaign Mediamarkt Germany commissioned this custom font.

Logotype redesign. Commissioned by Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux.

Logotype redesign for Altana. Commissioned by Interbrand, Hamburg.

Logotype redesign. Commissioned by Gruner+Jahr. Read more ...

Logotype redesign. Commissioned by Realgestalt, Berlin.

Logotype redesign. Commissioned by joussenkarliczek.

Brand redesign. Commissioned by Redpack, Hamburg.