Q: What font formats do you provide?

A: We offer fonts primarily in CFF-flavored OpenType format, which is a cross-platform format that will work on Mac and PC. For webpages we offer special webfonts. In some cases we also offer Office fonts, which are optimized for office applications.

Q: What is OpenType?

A: OpenType is a font format jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft in the late 1990ʼs. OpenType fonts support Unicode, which means that a single OpenType font can contain a large number of glyphs. A single font could be used for setting texts in multiple languages. OpenType fonts are cross-platform; the same file can be used on Mac and PC, and OpenType fonts should behave consistently on both platforms.

Q: Which languages do you support?

A: Our fonts support all major languages using latin characters. You can find a detailed list and an complete overview on all the glyphs on the specific font page.

Q: Do you offer special Office packages?

A: Yes, we do offer special office packagaes optimized for on-screen reading and word processing in office environments. Please find more information here.