Q: Do you offer free demo fonts for testing?

A: Yes, in some cases we do offer demo fonts. Demo fonts contain only the basic characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-1), but no punctuation or special characters. You can use the demo fonts for testing in your layouts, but not for the final artwork. Get the demo fonts here.

Q: How else can I test your fonts?

A: Our website contains TypeShow, a fantastic tool for real time type setting. If necessary, we can also send you a custom PDF with a test setting of LudwigType fonts. Please send us your InDesign or Illustrator files with your text, specified sizes and the list of fonts youʼd like to try. We will set the provided sample in our fonts and send you the PDF.

Q: Do you offer free Type specimens?

A: We do offer specimens of some of our typefaces. Please get in touch with us to receive free copies.

Q: Can I see some samples of your fonts in use?

A: Yes, you can see some selected examples here.