Marat Sans

Marat Sans is a clean but lively sans serif typeface which combines Rational and Humanist ideas in a very practical way. It is characterised by both, strong personality and excellent legibility. The entire family contains 27 styles and weights, including a wide range of OpenType features. Marat Sans is the perfect companion for Marat, a soft and elegant serif typeface.

Single Font
Entire Family (18 Fonts)

Design Concept

Although Marat Sans was designed years after it’s serifed sister Marat, it wasn’t designed by just »chopping off« the serifs and reducing the contrast. Marat Sans is a characterful typeface in its own right. Similar to its serifed companion it’s round and friendly-looking shapes create a lively image of text. Ink traps and the construction of the letters point to the serif. However, the forms are more compact and the round forms are more closed ensuring good standing in bigger sizes. The x-height is slightly increased and the capitals by comparison are narrower. From the start of the design process good legibility was the main aim. Marat Sans is good choice for body text, but is also serves as an original headline face because of it’s strong and warm personality. Interesting: Marat and Marat Sans fit extremely well together, maybe for that very reason, Marat Sans is not just a replica without serifs, but a characteristic design by itself.

Some characteristic details.

In Use