LudwigType | Newsletter 5


Hi everyone. Please welcome Contemporary Sans,
a new grotesque font family.

Contemporary Sans

There are geometric sans serifs as far as the eye can see. Better do something different, I thought, and voila: Contemporary Sans was born! A unique grotesque with a distinct contrast between its horizontal and vertical strokes, it has a lively and elegant appearance that makes the typeface both pleasant to read at small sizes and striking at display sizes.

Contemporary Sans

The friendly and finely defined strokes and distinctive letter forms make Contemporary Sans a very expressive typeface that lends itself to all applications that seek to create a clear and eye-catching impression. Because of its compact proportions it is also perfect for use in narrow columns or tight headlines.

Contemporary Sans

The clear stroke contrast awards the typeface a certain airiness while the relatively slender figures and angular punctuation marks lend it a more serious edge.

Contemporary Sans

The Contemporary Sans type family contains 16 styles and weights, covers all major languages using Latin characters, and includes a wide range of OpenType features. Contemporary Sans fonts come for both desktop and web. We also offer special Office packages suited for corporate applications, particularly Windows Office.

Contemporary Sans Webfonts

This little mini site shows the Contemporary Sans web fonts in action. Enjoy!

Get free demo fonts
Introductory offer: Get the entire family for only 89€.

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Best regards,
Ludwig Übele, LudwigType