LudwigType | Newsletter 6


Dear friends of type. It’s me again. And my latest typeface.


I began work on Godfrey more then two years ago. Unusually for me, I started with the design of the capital letters, with the consistent proportions and straight faces on the round letters giving the typeface a very technical and structured impression. I added comparatively compact lowercase characters, that are particularly striking in the descenders of ‘f’, ‘j’ and ‘y’, not to mention the extended dots of the ‘i’ and ‘j’.


Godfrey’s personality is solid and reliable. It’s a very practical typeface, with sturdy, legible forms. Godfrey is expressive without being distracting, perfectly suited to creating a clean, versatile and distinctive typographic system.


The Godfrey type family contains 14 styles and weights, covers all major languages using Latin characters, and includes a wide range of OpenType features. Godfrey fonts come for both desktop and web. We also offer special Office packages suited for corporate applications, particularly Windows Office.

Godfrey Webfonts

This little mini site shows the Godfrey web fonts in action. Enjoy!

Get free demo fonts
Best of all: As an early Christmas present you can get the entire family for incredible 49€. Only for a limited time!

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Best regards,
Ludwig Übele, LudwigType