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A new typeface and a typographic online game.


Kakadu is a new sans serif typeface by Ludwig Übele, designed to work equally well on paper and on screen. Kakadus most evident characteristic is its squarish letterforms, which create a firm and dependable appearance.


Kakadu exudes a certain solidness and rationality although, the squarish forms also radiate a certain rigor, which is deliberately counteracted by softer shapes. For example, the rounded transitions of shoulder and stems, the curves in the diagonals of K, k and R, or the circular dots used for i and punctuations. Though the squarish, technical character of the typeface is restrained, it also emits a certain softness that is a real pleasure to read.


The square-like forms provide an inward openness and allow large and open letterforms, adapting perfectly to the orthogonal pixel grid of the monitor. Kakadu works well in small sizes while, it appears strong and distinguished in larger ones. While Kakadu is not a uniwidth design, it takes up nearly the same space throughout all weights. This makes it very useable for interfaces on screen, rollovers in particular.


The Kakadu type family contains 14 styles and weights, covers all major languages using Latin characters, and includes a wide range of OpenType features. Kakadu fonts come for both desktop and web. We also offer special Office packages suited for corporate applications, particularly Windows Office.

Kakadu Webfonts

Eat My Type is a fun game of classic snake with a typographic twist, presenting the Kakadu web fonts in action. And best of all, you can win the fonts. Try it, it’s really fun!

Visit the typographic Snake game

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