LudwigType | Newsletter 8


Dear friends of type. I’m happy to introduce Aspen, a refreshing and resilient sans serif.


Aspen is a new sans serif by Ludwig Übele. It’s a sturdy yet supple typeface with a distinctive, lively character. It is loosely influenced by early American and European grotesques, but with more warmth and improved legibility. And where these historical models were rigid and bulky, Aspen’s curves have a gentle sway that makes for very comfortable reading.


You can see the traces of the American sans serifs in the fairly narrow proportions, the angled terminals, or the two-story ‘a’ and ‘g’. However, significant differences exist: The proportions of the characters tend to the classic model, where letter widths vary considerably. This creates a more diversified and compelling rhythm, and improves legibility. The long ascenders and descenders are also atypical but give the typeface and airy feel. Aspen’s characters are friendlier and more organic compared to the early grotesques. Worth emphasizing is the lively italic based on true cursive writing, which adds a very fresh and agile touch.


Aspen contains an alternate ‘a’ and ‘g’, which can dramatically change the text image, creating a much cleaner, firmer and more uniform look. See here Aspen with default characters (top) and with alternate ‘a’ and ‘g’ (bottom).


The Aspen type family contains 18 styles and weights, covers all major languages using Latin characters, and includes a wide range of OpenType Features. Aspen fonts come for both desktop and web. We also offer special Office packages suited for corporate applications, particularly Windows Office.

Aspen Minisite

See Aspen in action with this entertaining mini site!

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Best regards,
Ludwig Übele, LudwigType