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Dear friends of type, I am thrilled to introduce Niko, a brand new typeface I have been working on for more than a year.


For me, a good typeface should emanate liveliness. To achieve this, I try to combine different traits in one design: openness and warmth on the one hand, clarity and self-confidence on the other. Niko is a contemporary, humanist sans with open-letter forms which emphasize the sense of horizontality, leading readers’ eyes along the line. That makes it very legible and well-suited for continuous reading. Distinct forms and a certain angularity not only support readability, but also make it a real eye-catcher.


Niko’s humanistic design makes for a very comfortable reading. Notably the true italic includes subtle calligraphic elements which lend a fresh and lively appearance to the typeface. Niko is highly legible in small sizes while it appears expressive and distinctive in larger ones. Look at that g!


The 54 available styles, including condensed and extra condensed styles, offer tremendous typographic flexibility. This makes Niko a versatile typeface which can be used for a wide range of typographic content including editorials, brochures, webpages, packaging, and corporate design.

Niko in use
Niko in use
Niko in use

Since Niko was originally designed for a daily newspaper, it copes easily with less-than-ideal printing conditions and typographic challenges. Over time it has evolved into a very versatile type family, carefully drawn to work equally well on paper and on screen and to reflect warmth and craftsmanship as well as clarity and crispness.

Niko Minisite

Please also check out this entertaining site to see more of Niko and try it yourself.

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Best regards,
Ludwig Übele, LudwigType