Medium uses Marat Sans

The online publishing platform redesigned their site using Marat Sans across the website and app Read more ...

JULY 2017

Kakadu in Typographica’s favorite fonts of 2016.

Nice to see Kakadu among Typographica’s Our Favorite Typefaces of 2016. Read more ...

MAY 2017

TYPO Berlin design conference

TYPO Berlin is Europe’s biggest design event. Ludwig Übele gave a talk about legendary type designer Georg Salden. Read more ...


Type Release: Aspen

Aspen is a refreshing and resilient typeface with a distinctive, lively sway.
Read more ...


Vote for me!

I made this little minisite to show the Aspen web fonts in use. Discover the typeface by typing your own text. You can also share your customized image on Facebook or on Twitter.
Read more ...

MARCH 2016

Type Release: Kakadu

Kakadus most evident characteristic is its squarish letterforms, which create a firm and dependable appearance. Read more ...

MARCH 2016

Eat My Type!

Eat My Type is a fun game of classic snake with a typographic twist, presenting the Kakadu web fonts in action. Best of all, you can win my fonts. Try it, it’s really fun! Read more ...


Custom version of Brenta

The Finnish newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus asked for a custom version of my typeface Brenta. Read more ...


Custom font for a finnish watchmaker

Sarpaneva is a finnish watchmaker from Helsinki manufacturing exquisite wrist watches. Now they also have an exquisite custom typeface. Read more ...


Type in use: Books by Tomas Mrazauskas

Great use of several of my typefaces in the books designed by Tomas Mrazauskas. Here’s a little potpourri ...


Type Release: Godfrey

Godfrey is a clean yet unusual sans serif, with straight faces on the round letters giving the typeface a technical and structured impression. Read more ...


Minisite: Type Godfrey!

I made this little minisite to show the Godfrey web fonts in use. Discover places of Berlin, type your own text on signs and buildings, and share your text on Twitter or Facebook. Read more ...


Type Release: Contemporary Sans

Contemporary Sans is a new grotesque type family with a distinct contrast between its horizontal and vertical strokes that gives it a lively and elegant appearance. It comes in 16 weights and styles from very thin to black. Read more ...


Minisite: The Incredibles

I designed this little minisite to show the Contemporary Sans web fonts in action. Discover extraordinary animals and enjoy the Contemporary Sans type family.

MAY 2015

Type Release: Brenta

Brenta is a new crisp type family with sharp and sturdy forms. It comes in eight weights from very thin to very dark. Read more ...

MAY 2015

Minisite: The Daily News

I designed this little minisite to show the Brenta web fonts in action. Discover what happened today in history and enjoy the Brenta type family. Read more ...

APRIL 2015

Type Release: Diogenes Decorative

Diogenes Decorative is the new ornate sister of Diogenes and contains a great number of swash characters, alternates and separate swashes. Read more ...

MARCH 2015

Diogenes in Typographica’s favorite fonts of 2014.

I’m very happy to see Diogenes among Typographica’s annual Our Favorite Typefaces of 2014. Read more ...


Lettering for Burger King

For Burger King’s christmas special I designed this custom lettering. Commissioned by the Munich-based studio setup GmbH. Read more ...


MyToys logotype

In cooperation with Realgestalt I redesigned the logotype of MyToys, a distributor for toys and other products for children. Read more ...


New type release: Diogenes

Diogenes is a new typeface from LudwigType. We’re offering a temporary 50% discount on this crisp and elegent serif typeface to celebrate this release! Read more ...


A journey around planet earth

This mini site shows you the beauty of Planet, one of my favorite typefaces by Georg Salden. Join the journey and discover by yourself! Read more ...


Riga is a MyFonts Rising Star

It’s a great pleasure to see my latest release, the Riga type family among the most successful recent typeface families at MyFonts. Read more ...

JULY 2014

FF Tundra in Berlin city magazine tip

It seems that FF Tundra is preferably used for editorial. Nice to see the typeface throughout the Berlin city magazine tip. Read more ...


Helsinki Webpage

This new little webpage shows the Helsinki webfonts in action and tells of the magic of the Finnish winter nights. Read more ...


Interview with FontShop

Since the beginning of this year my typefaces are also available through FontShop. On this occasion I have given an interview, which you can read on FontShop Aktuell (unfortunately in German only).


What a character

What a Character is a simple site that provides a new way to look at typefaces. The site presents individual characters in an extra-large size, focusing on the beauty and detail of each outline rather than the entire alphabet. Of course, you can see the rest of the characters as well.


Daphne Script

Daphne Script is a new typeface designed by great calligrapher and type designer Georg Salden. Since about 5 years LudwigType works with Salden to digitize and complete his typefaces and distribute them through TypeManufactur.


Weltmuseum Wien

The Museum of Ethnology in Vienna changed its visual identity and has chosen Marat Sans as its new corporate typeface. Nice to see the typeface used for the logo and all printed and digital media. Check out the museums webpage to see Marat Sans in action.


FF Tundra in Codex 3

Nice to see FF Tundra used in the respected Codex 3: The Journal of Letterforms. Find more examples of our typefaces in use here.


Logotype redesign

I redesigned the logotype of Peter Hahn, a mail-order house and fashion boutique that offers mainly ladieswear. Read more ...

JULY 2013

Yearbook of Type I

Marat and Marat Sans have been selected for the Yearbook of Type, a compendium of contemporary typefaces. Read more ...

JUNE 2013


Deutschkurrent is an interesting German script designed by great calligrapher and type designer Georg Salden. Since about 5 years LudwigType works with Salden to digitize and complete his typefaces and distribute them through TypeManufactur. Check also this micropage.

JUNE 2013

Interview with Fontblog

Interview with Fontblog about FF Tundra and it’s role in the redesign of the German news magazine Stern. Read the full interview (German).

MARCH 2013

Logotype for news magazine

The german publishing firm Gruner+Jahr asked me to redesign the logotype for the well-known weekly news magazine stern. They also decided to use my typeface FF Tundra for the body text throughout the magazine. Read more ...

MARCH 2013

Computer Arts magazine

Nice to see my typefaces Marat and Marat Sans featured in the British magazine Computer Arts issue 211. Read more ...


Typografische Monatsblätter

My article on the development of FF Tundra was published in the swiss typography magazine Typografische Monatsblätter. On seven pages you can read and see the design process of this narrow-running and extremely legible serif typeface. Read more ...


Lettering for Burger King

For Burger King’s christmas special I designed this custom lettering including a series of corresponding swashes. Commissioned by interone, Munich. Read more ...


Lecture at tga Vienna

Nice that so many people came to see my lecture at the tga Austria in Vienna about my own type design and the work of legendary letter artist and type designer Georg Salden. Read more ...


Type in use: Weather App using Helsinki

The award-winning weather app Partly Cloudy by Raureif uses my typeface Helsinki for its interface. Find more examples of our typefaces in use here.

APRIL 2012

Novum 04/2012

Typefaces for Readers. Nice to see my type design work featured in the renowned design magazine Novum - World of Graphic Design. Read more ...



I’m are very pleased to announce that Marat was selected in the Letter.2 type competition. Letter.2 aims to provide a wide-angled snapshot of the state of typeface design around the globe over the past 10 years. See the other winning entries here.

JUNE 2011

TDC Award

My typefaces FF Tundra and Daisy has been selected by the jury of the renowned TDC competition to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design, and are included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 31.