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Dear friends of type. May I introduce:


Diogenes is a new typeface by Ludwig Übele, characterized by clarity and elegance. While the skeletons of the individual characters are distinct and strong, the serifs are fine and sharp. This is especially true for the capitals with their comparatively strong horizontal strokes.


The graceful appearance of Diogenes makes it an ideal choice for books, newspapers, and magazines, both at small text sizes and display sizes. Also on the web Diogenes makes an excellent impression.

Trajan column

For many serif typefaces the thickness of the serifs and the weight of the thinner (primarily horizontal) strokes correspond. However, when studying ancient roman letterforms, one can see that the serifs are not simply extensions of the strokes, but independent parts of each character. Especially, when looking at the letters E, F and T in the image above, we can observe that the contrast between the vertical and horizontal strokes are comparatively low, however, the serifs remain thin and delicate.

Diogenes Screen

The Diogenes type family contains 15 styles and weights, covers all major languages using Latin characters, and includes a wide range of OpenType Features. Diogenes fonts come for desktop and web.

Diogenes Webfonts

This little mini site shows the Diogenes web fonts in action. It also contains information about Diogenes the philosopher, a wonderfully eccentric character. Enjoy!

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