RELEASE  |  December 2013

Daphne Script

Since about 5 years LudwigType collaborates with the great calligrapher and type designer Gerog Salden to digitize and produce his typefaces and distribute them through TypeManufactur. His latest addition is Daphne Script, an elegant and vital script typeface.
The story of this beautiful typeface begins more than 50 years ago. In the 1960s Georg Salden designed an opening advert for an hat shop in Dusseldorf. With a broad-nib pen he wrote a bold italic with large swashes. From this written text he later developed Daphne, a strong and sharp-edged typeface which includes a large number of separate swashes. These calligraphic swashes can be added to the letters in any order, which provide hundreds of possibilities. Now, many years later, Salden decided to develop a script version of his Daphne typeface. Again, written with a broad-nib pen, Salden created a gentle script with luscious swashes and numerous alternate characters.
If we have awakened your interest check also this little webpage which we designed to show more of this beautiful typeface.