Office Packages

In developing corporate design programmes, one has to make provision for two very different user profiles with the range of corporate typefaces.

On one hand, the professional designers and agencies hired by the organisation who require comprehensive and versatile OpenType families in order to design anything from digital reports and websites to printed materials such as signage and stationery.

On the other, the company’s in-house users, such as managers and office workers, who need a less complex version of the corporate typeface that is optimised for office applications.

Taking this into account, we offer a special office package that is designed for use in office environments, and in particular the Windows Office suite.

Our office packages provide TrueType flavoured OpenType fonts, optimised for on-screen reading and word processing in Microsoft Windows. They comprise four standard fonts: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. Additionally, these four styles are linked: they can be activated by using the ‘B’ (Bold) and ‘I’ (Italic) buttons in common office programs. Each office set can be supplied with either standard (proportional) or tabular numerals. Tabular numerals are primarily used for spreadsheets, for instance in Exel. Proportional numerals suit best for text.

Our office packages are not available through the webshop. If you wish to purchase office packages, please contact us at

Available Packages:

Each package can be supplied with either standard (proportional) or tabular numerals as default. Riga for office is a separate family (Riga Screen) and regularly available through our webshop. If you prefer other family members (for instance Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic) please also .