RELEASE  |  August 2021


We are delighted to announce a new addition to our Georg Salden Library: Videon, an experimental typeface which consists of only straight lines. Georg Salden is a master of calligraphy, and many of his typeface designs are influenced by handwritten forms. Nevertheless, he has always been very experimental and often incorporated current technical conditions. Videon was created in 1981, at the time of teletext and video games. He didn’t just copy screen fonts of that time, he created a very own interpretation. Even with display fonts like this, he is always concerned about harmony, originality and perfect legibility.

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First sketch by Georg Salden from 1999.

Although Videon consists only of straight lines, the typeface has a remarkable variety of forms. However, despite the experimental form, Salden always makes sure that his typefaces remain legible even in small sizes. This also applies to this font. It is amazingly legible and in larger font sizes a real eye-catcher.