RELEASE  |  November 2021


We are delighted to announce a new addition to our Georg Salden Library: Axiom, a curious grotesque with a distinctive character. It’s horizontal strokes and curves are lighter than the verticals. Diagonally rising strokes are also noticeably leaner. This makes the figures dynamic, space-saving and lends this highly usable sans-serif a very distinctive character. Axiom is drawn differently for small and larger sizes; it is available in 4 weights, and comes with an equally charming italic.

Try yourself or download the trial fonts.

Axiom is a rational body typeface. It has some stroke contrast, for example the diagonals are thinner. To stabilize these thinner strokes, Georg Salden added angular corners at the baseline and x-height. This is new and supports the banding. For larger sizes there is an Axiom which is significantly narrower and lighter, without the stabilised corners (see below).

The matching italics include subtle calligraphic elements which lend a fresh and lively appearance to the typeface.

Axiom 11 is optimised for small sizes. It contains ink traps at sharp inside corners and reinforcements for the sharp outside corners, which keeps the characters crisp at small sizes. On uncoated paper or in poor print quality, it prevents ink blobs in these areas.

Axiom 66 has no ink traps or reinforcements and is slightly lighter and narrower. More elegant in bigger sizes such as headlines and space-saving in narrow columns.

Axiom 11 contains the usual ampersand, Axiom 66 a more playful form.

Axiom fonts contain various styles of numerals within each font. Proportional Lining Figures come standard. Old style figures and tabular figures as well as superior and inferior figures are accessible via OpenType features. Small Caps contain old style figures as default.