IN USE  |  March 2023

May I take a photo of the back of your head?

Quick Short Shots shows snapshots of well-known personalities from the art and culture scene, whom the artist Jub Mönster has photographed for decades at cultural events or in private settings. This resulted in an impressive catalog of photographs that served as a basis for many of his works. The almost plain-looking black and white photographs stand in stark contrast to the often colorful paintings or Mönster’s highly detailed ballpoint pen drawings. Embellished with one or the other anecdote, the artist outlines his working methods, offers insights into his creative process, and provides different as well as new perspectives on familiar faces.

Our Godfrey typeface is the perfect choice for the catalog, combining a clean and clear aesthetic with a touch of edgy character. If you'd like to explore this typeface further, you can download the trial fonts or try it out for yourself.