RELEASE  |  September 2023


We are delighted to announce a new addition to our Georg Salden Library: Votum, a pleasant and exceptionally legible serif typeface well-suited for large bodies of text. It offers an excellent alternative to the omnipresent Times New Roman. Its generous x-height and compact letterforms allow Votum to perform exceptionally well in small font sizes and narrow columns. The typeface is space-efficient while preserving excellent legibility. When compared to Basta, a font of similar classification, it maintains a more straightforward and neutral appearance. Thanks to its relatively compact letter shapes, it is also suitable for tight headlines. Votum is a workhorse typeface, useable for a wide rang of typography, such as editorial, brochures, posters, packaging and corporate design.

Try yourself or download the trial fonts.

With a large x-height and compact letterforms, Votum is a convincing body copy typeface, creating a compact and harmonious image of text. It remains highly legible even in very small font sizes.

The upright, italic and small caps compared.

Especially the numerals showcase Georg Salden’s ability to craft harmonious, perfectly legible, and at the same time highly original characters. Votum includes text figures with short descenders and ascenders, as well as lining figures of the same height.

Comparison of Votum (top) and Times New Roman (middle): While maintaining the same cap height, the lowercase letters of Votum are taller. The spacing is more consistent, and the typeface appears more cohesive. The strokes of Votum are slightly thinner. The contrast is minimally lower, ensuring that individual characters remain clearly recognizable even in small sizes or under poor printing conditions. The curved vertical strokes and serifs lend the typeface a more elegant appearance.