TypeManufactur distributes exclusively the typefaces designed by calligrapher and type designer Georg Salden. With a storied career spanning over 50 years and hundreds of original fonts that speak to the aesthetics of an era, type designer Georg Salden is one of the most significant and diverse type designers of our time. Despite much of his work having a lasting influence on type culture, Salden remains relatively unknown internationally – a fact which may be due to his independence as a designer, never having worked for large font foundries. From the first sketches to the final phototypesetting film or font data, the designer’s creations are entirely his and his alone. Since about 5 years I collaborate with Salden to digitize, complete and produce his typefaces and distribute them on TypeManufactur.

Axiom 11 Regular

Basta Regular

Brasil Bold Italic



Daphne Script

Essenz Bold

Gordon Regular

Gordon Light Italic

Planet Regular

Polo 66 Regular

Rolls Medium

Tap Regular

Videon Regular

Votum Black

Zitat Regular