IN USE  |  February 2024

Braun: Designed to Keep

Beautiful book about the pioneering German electronics brand that changed the face of modern design, using our custom typeface specifically designed for Braun. Since 1921, Braun has been shaping the way we live through timeless designs that are simple, useful, beautiful, and designed to keep. Unlike many brands before it, and many more that followed, Braun created a culture of design – underpinned by a set of functional and aesthetic principles – that went on to have worldwide impact.

Across 3 sections and more than 500 images, the book charts the company’s defining moments, core identities, and key characters, together presenting the most comprehensive history of Braun ever published. Featuring brand-new photography of Braun’s most iconic products alongside never-before-published archival images, drawings, advertisements, internal documents, and correspondence, in-depth narrative texts interweave the Braun story with the cultural and political history of Germany, providing new context and insight into one of the most famous product design brands in the world.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, we developed an custom typeface that reflects Braun’s philosophy. The design of Braun’s products hinges on two fundamental pillars: technology and people. The company develops devices for everyday life, technical products for people. These two core aspects are prominently reflected in the design: technical and rational with a focus on the essential, while also being human and very useable. The new typeface reflects this: technical, functional, rational and clear on the one hand. Open, friendly and warm on the other.

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