Daisy is an ultra bold display font with very fine counters. It comes in an upright and a cursive version and has been selected by the Type Directors Club of New York to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design.

Single Font
Entire Family (2 Fonts)

Design Concept

Daisy started with the lowercase c. I liked the idea, that the counter consisted only of a thin line, which basically defines the drop shaped terminal. Most extreme heavy typefaces are sans serifs without any contrast. But would it also be possible to create an extremely fat typeface based on classic old face letterforms? Since the counter forms are fixed by the thin line, other factors like line thickness and letter width must be more flexible in order to create a harmonious alphabet. Ligatures and alternate letters expand the typographic possibilities. The Daisy family consists of an upright font and a swinging cursive font with some alternate characters. If you can decrypt german please read more on Design made in Germany.