Mokka is a robust typeface for text, with strong serifs and distinctive letter forms. The family consists of six fonts and includes Oldstyle and Lining Figures both tabular and proportional. It supports all major languages which use the Latin alphabet. Mokka has been selected by Typographica to be among Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008.

Single Font
Entire Family (6 Fonts)

Design Concept

Mokka evolved from the idea of creating a sculptural typeface, however readable also for small text. The spiky and unusual forms are not random, but carefully designed to support good readability. Characteristics are for example the top serifs, like a little nose in profile, the generous top terminals of the a and c, the pushy little elbow on the lower case Roman g, the almost aggressive tail at the bottom of the lower case italic f, the limp-wristed serif in the top corner of the lower case italic y and w. Mokka is intended for typographical tasks for which casual solutions are not sufficient.

I spend most of my day reading on screen with the same browser friendly typefaces that we’ve all grown to love and hate. I don’t spend much time laying out type on paper anymore, but if I were to publish a book I’d want to use Mokka. [...] In Mokka there’s a nice spatial relationship that draws the reader’s eye across a page, yet there are enough hooks to offer an interesting reading experience. Large blocks of type together with subtle and not-so-quiet characters let a designer be quite sophisticated in how they express themselves. It’s funny what brings me joy — the word “just” is very close to perfection in flow and balance. Read full Review by Michael Surtees.