Riga Screen has been designed to work particularly well on screen. Responsive websites and office applications will appreciate it’s economic proportions. Riga Screen has been specially engineered and optimized for exceptional readability in small sizes on all current computer monitors, in­cluding tablets and smartphones. This small family of four weights can be perfectely combined with the Riga type family.

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Design Concept

Riga Screen has been designed for exceptional readability on computer monitors. It is slightly lighter and wider than it’s ancestor Riga to provide better legibility at small sizes. It’s primarily intended for writing and reading on screen, for example on websites, apps, ebooks, or inside office applications. Comparatively narrow proportions make Riga particularly suitable for responsive designs, where narrow columns (for example on smartphones) occur. Riga has been carefully ClearType hinted to ensure optimal on-screen performance in all browsers and applications. Since Mac OS ignores font hinting completely, Riga Screen is slightly ligher to gain a more balanced image of text on Apple devices.

Riga (top) and Riga Screen (below) by comparison. Riga Screen is slightly lighter and wider than Riga to provide better legibility at small sizes. Complex letter forms as the lowercase g has been simplified.

Screen rendering of Riga Screen on Windows (left) and Macintosh (right).

Verdana (top), Lucida Grande (middle) and Riga Screen (bottom) by comparison.

Open-Type Features

Riga Screen fonts contain various OpenType features, which provide advanced typographic performance and can be accessed by almost all professional layout software.

Tabular Figures

Tabular figures are for use in tables where numerals need to be aligned vertically. Tabular figures are available as an OpenType feature and have a fixed width in all weights.


Ligatures are designed to improve the kerning and readability of certain letter pairs. For example, when this feature is activated, typing ‘f’ and ‘i’ will automatically produce the ‘fi’ ligature. Using ligatures does not affect the spelling and hyphenation of your text in any way.

Superscript / superiors

Replaces all figures with their superior alternates, which can be used for footnotes, formulas, etc.

Subscript / inferiors

Replaces all figures with their inferior alternates, used primarily for mathematical or chemical notation.

Arbitrary Fractions

Riga Screen fonts already include a number of pre-designed diagonal fractions. The fraction feature allows you to create other fractions quickly and easily.

Discretionary Ligatures

The discretionary ligature feature creates real arrows when you type the combination -> (right arrow), <- (left arrow), -^ (up arrow), ^- (down arrow), <^- (left up arrow), -^> (right up arrow), -^< (right down arrow) and >^- (left down arrow). Discretionary ligatures are off by default in Adobe applications.