Tap was designed in 1979 to mimic the style of old typewriters. The contours consist of apparently haphazard swellings and notches, bumps and dents, which simulate the attractive peculiarities of typed letters. The bumps and dents have not been positioned indiscriminately, but rather where they can make a positive contribution to the overall shape or to the line formation.

Single Font
Entire Family (5 Fonts)

Tap is a typewriter font. Unlike real typewriter fonts, however, the characters of Tap are not uniform. For example, the i does not have much longer serifs than the n, and the m does not shrink to the width of the n. Nevertheless, the visual impression of typewriter fonts has been retained. For example, the uppercase letters look narrow compared to the lowercase letters. The serifs are strong and long, because with typewriters fine details would have been squeezed out quickly.

Georg Salden drew each letter by hand. He says that he deliberately drew every hump and dent. The bold weights has fewer, but more pronounced humps and dents than the light weights.