Votum is a friendly and extremely readable all-round typeface. Compared to Basta, a font of similar classification, it is more linear and neutral. Its letters are delicate yet stable, especially in small sizes. Very good line formation and relatively narrow letter forms create a compact piece of text.

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Votum is a highly legible typeface well-suited for large bodies of text. It offers an excellent alternative to Times New Roman. Thanks to its relatively compact letter shapes it is also suitable for tight headlines and narrow columns of text. Votum is a workhorse typeface, useable for a wide rang of typography, such as editorial, brochures, posters, packaging and corporate design.

Votum is a convincing body copy typeface, creating a compact and harmonious image of text.

With a generous x-height and compact letterforms, Votum is particularly well-suited for extensive texts in small font sizes and narrow columns. The typeface is space-efficient while maintaining optimal legibility. In large font sizes, it creates a confident and cohesive image of text.

Comparison of Votum (top) and Basta (bottom). Votum is more linear and neutral. The serifs are slightly bolder and more distinct.