NEWS  |  July 2020

Eight classic typefaces by Georg Salden now available at LudwigType

Georg Salden is one of the most significant and diverse type designers of our time. He has been designing typefaces for over 50 years. As a designer, his belief is that good typefaces should contain a balance of legibility, harmony and beauty: ‘I try to bring clarity and beauty to the font. A clear, beautiful typeface is always legible.’ Nevertheless, Salden’s approach is not as traditional as it would seem. Each of his designs are refreshingly new, as Salden finds the idea of borrowing from other people’s work abhorrent. A moderniser in his field, one who pushes the boundaries to new limits, each of his challenges open new type ventures. His typefaces can most accurately be described as functional: the shapes always arise from the type’s function, and even an initially unfamiliar form is bound to a meaning. Salden’s typefaces are designed in accordance with his own aesthetic and functional principles – never trendy, the fonts are always logically composed, without gimmick. It is a great pleasure and honor for us to offer you his typefaces on LudwigType. We start with eight typeface families and will add the remaining typefaces designed by Georg Salden to our font library in the future.

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Basta is an extremely legible in small sizes, with a large x-height and narrow proportions.

Brasil combines the qualities of a grotesque and that of a roman.

Carree is an unorthodox typeface for unorthodox usage.

Dalli is a spontaneous and clever handwriting font.

Gordon is a rounded slab-serif with an italic full of verve.

Planet is a fresh alternativ to the inflationary geometric fonts and a real workhorse typeface.

Polo is Georg Saldens most popular and influential typeface.

Tap is designed in the style of the old typewriters.